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Drivers, start your engines. Canadian record label, Nightenjin, has finally released their inaugural six track compilation. Stacked with names like Lizzy Jane, Flozone, Indvstry, and more, this 50/50 bass & house compilation is definitely finishing near the top this winter.

Lizzy Jane starts the compilation off on a full throttle with “My Heart”. The soft vocals mixed with the heavy drops is the absolute perfect combination. In the second track, Flozone cranks it up a notch with “Back”. This high energy, hard hitting track is any bass lovers dream. Indvstry wraps up the first half of the compilation with “Legit“. This is by far the most energetic track on the compilation and a great way to wrap up the first half.

Track four really switches it over to the more house-y side of things with KillWill’s track- “Night Is Young”. With a bumping bassline and late night club energy, this is perfect for someone looking to keep the party goin’. Galo follows KillWill up with a more experimental and funky track- “Whack“. The finale track (and absolute banger) “Gucci Fit” by Bush League keeps the energy rollin’ until the end. Packed with low bass and catchy lyrics, this is a great song to end the compilation with!

Listen to Nightenjin Pit Crew V1 Compilation here

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