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SWARM is at it again with another earth-shattering track that will knock you out of your chair. Teaming up with I-Exist, ‘In My Dreams’ perfectly blends heavy rock with dubstep. While most holiday songs are cheery and bright, this track is the perfect antithesis.

Both SWARM and I-Exist embrace the darker side of dubstep and show that they aren’t playing around in this new collaboration. ‘In My Dreams’ features electrifying production along with vocals that take you on a ride during the 5-minute track. The track starts out by bringing you into a dreamlike state with encapturing vocals, only to slap you awake with the initial drop. The rest of the track continues on a mind-bending journey that stands out from the crowd when it comes to metalstep. All in all, if you like bass, this is the track for you.

Currently on tour with Sullivan King, SWARM came onto the dubstep scene in 2018 with the release of his CORRUPT EP. Since then, he has collaborated with artists like Varien, Lucille Croft, and most recently, Sullivan King. I-Exist recently released its ‘Consciousness’ album – making it the first-ever VR concept album. Find out more about ‘Consciousness’ here.

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