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Disco Donnie? No, Disco Dan Hacker. This man has hit us with the perfect addition to the Muzzy Bearr collection in his new track, “MOVE.” This one fits right in with all the other good bits of music we’ve gotten from Muzzy Bearr recently. This upbeat jam is available everywhere! Call now and get it for just $199.99 plus shipping and handling.

Just kidding …. but if we weren’t this song would definitely be worth that much.

Muzzy Bearr Move

Muzzy Bearr and disco go hand in hand and whew what a pair they make. After releasing recent hits like “Do For Me” and “More and More” from our very own In Unity, we have been anxious for more music from Muzzy to show up in our inbox. The song absolutely drips with Muzzy Bearr energy, even having created his own visuals for it. “MOVE” has us in the car, windows all the way down, cruising straight into the sunset. It doesn’t matter where we are going, as long as we are going.

The second half of the song hits and it feels like that jellyfish scene in Spongebob. It seems almost impossible that this song was not the very song that they danced all night to. The tiny elements added to the second wave give the song another layer of dimension that finishes it off perfectly. From what we can tell this is just the beginning of a new chapter in the Muzzy Bearr project and we cannot wait for more.

Listen to “MOVE” by Muzzy Bearr now!

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