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Vyhara explodes out of the gates swinging for her very first Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere, “F A L L I N G.” A melodically enchanting DnB heavy-hitter, “F A L L I N G” is both a premonition and exposition of the heavy discography this emerging artist has to offer, and Electric Hawk readers are the first to snag a listen.

Meet Vyhara, ethereal bass artist, 100% badass. A budding producer and DJ, she has been quick to affix herself to the Bay Area bass scene, providing support for electronic luminaries including Kill The Noise, Dirt Monkey, Mimosa, and more. With “F A L L I N G” acting as a testament, Vyhara establishes cohesion between tracks while still exploring the limitless possibilities of her sound.

vyhara f a l l i n g
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“I’m excited to share this track with everyone – it has a similar feel to some of my other songs but has a lot of influence from my favorite DnB artists. I definitely had a lot of fun writing it and getting out of my comfort zone with some new sound design techniques.” 


Now We Fall

This track’s vibe swiftly solidifies as celestial vocals rhythmically bleed into a worldly atmosphere. Radiant synth motifs resound behind a delightfully foreshadowed drum and bass beat, swelling and ascending in ecstatic waves. The drop commences an explosive euphoria. Worries melt away as melodics fill our ears, with listeners transported to a world of otherworldly sounds and deep neuro-bass.

“F A L L I N G” hits that music sweet spot of being both melodically enticing and bass-heavy, so it’s safe to say it’s on repeat. With this anthem added to her history of electrifying releases, we are incredibly excited to hear what Vyhara has loaded next in her arsenal. Until then, “F A L L I N G” will keep the good energy rolling.

Check Out What Vyhara is About With “F A L L I N G,” Listen Here!

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