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We’re back again with Mistah Dill and another Exclusive Premiere of his remix of David Guetta’s “Titanium. The rework of this nostalgic song is some of his best work yet!

Mistah Dill press photo
Photo by: @aisnapped

Since becoming an independent artist, Mistah Dill has flourished with multiple releases and live performances across Michigan. His discography crosses many sounds, such as melodic, experimental, and drum and bass. He refuses to be confined to one category and instead adds his signature style to every genre.

Likewise, his sets will always leave a crowd wanting more. They’re exciting, diverse, and fitting for any lineup. Mistah Dill has played support slots for artists such as Ravenscoon and his Periphery tour, The Widdler, the Esseks & tiedye ky tour, and more! Up next, he’s opening up for the legends Pola & Bryson with a dnb set, followed by a Mary Droppinz show in Detroit. All these bookings are rightfully deserved, so do not miss it when he plays in a city near you!

Mistah Dill turns this classic oldie into a fresh, melodic remodel!

Titanium Remix cover

Lately, Dill’s last few releases have been remixes, but this one is long overdue.

The echoing lyrics are enchanting right off the bat! We’re instantly transported to the first time we heard this song back in 2011. I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose. Suddenly, the tempo revs up before unloading into a rich, relaxed bassline that pairs perfectly with Sia’s voice. It’s lovely hearing these vintage tracks brought back to life, especially when done right.

Electric Hawk is always excited to see what Mistah Dill does next, and you should be, too! If you haven’t already, indulge in his discography, beginning with our Exclusive Premiere!

Enjoy the first listen of the “Titanium” Remix by Mistah Dill here!

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