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It’s been a lil minute since we’ve heard from Electric Hawk’s very own Fryar, and we are welcoming him back with open arms. His newest single, “Strife,” is giving us big the b*tch is back in town vibes. New Fryar is always a treat, but this latest single is really hitting our sweet spot.

This release means a lot to me, it represents a milestone I didn’t think I would come close to with music. Hitting 5,000 followers on SoundCloud is really crazy, and I hope this track can share my appreciation for the people that support me. Strife is a track about the dissension with certain people in my life that I have experienced this year. Thank you guys for 5k 

Matt from Fryar

If this is what we get when Fryar reaches 5k on SoundCloud, we can only imagine how that 10k single is about to hit 😳

Fry Club, rise up baby! Starting his year off with quite the bang, “Strife” cuts deep, hits hard and shows no mercy. Our first point of discussion needs to be the sexual tension between us and this first drop… over a minute of gradual builds and buttering up; we still weren’t prepared for what was coming. This drop is a ripper with about five layers of thicc sound design that had our body moving in ways we didn’t know possible. Fryar uses “Strife” to continue defining his signature sound, and we are loving the way it’s shaping up.

Honestly, we thought Taco Bell bringing back potatoes would be the highlight of our year, but new Fryar might have just stolen the show.

🔪 Cut into “Strife” below🔪

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