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Although healing has been gradual, the last couple years haven’t felt the same without CharlestheFirst, a.k.a. Charles Ingalls, and the magic he shared with his community. Carrying his harmonious legacy, the artist’s dedicated fan base continues to spread his impact, honoring him in the most innovative and inspirational ways. For example, on Saturday, November 25th, his community will gather in Denver to celebrate his birthday at the notorious Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. This Bird’s Eye View benefit show honors the memory of Charles Ingalls with a curation from the hearts of his community and a 100% proceed donation to CrowntheFoundation.

A Mindful Mission

CrowntheFoundation logo
CrowntheFoundation logo

CrowntheFoundation is a non-profit organization, honoring CharlestheFirst by “nurturing health, creativity, and resilience in the bass music community.” The foundation fulfills their mission by establishing grant programs and spreading awareness on various topics like mental health and wellness.

In August 2023, their Recovery Grant Program came to fruition and is now available to those facing financial roadblocks during rehabilitation or other treatment programs. Throughout this year, the foundation sponsored and supported awareness campaigns behind harm reduction, inclusion, and consent at music venues. Overall, CrowntheFoundation provides a safe space and tools for anyone within the community seeking mental health services.

Bird's Eye View Benefit Showw flyer
Bird’s Eye View Flyer

The Bird’s Eye View

This Saturday, CrowntheFoundation joins forces with Cervantes for their first benefit show, advocating awareness on harm reduction, mental health, and rehabilitation. Bird’s Eye View features performances by EnigmaBeats and Milano, plus the recently announced cHLL sMTH.

With the artists and event staff volunteering, 100% of proceeds will be donated to the foundation’s Recovery Grant Program. From bass driven sonics to a comfortable chill zone, the curation offers different atmospheres to connect the community.

Aside from the incredible cause and heavy-hitting line-up, organizers have a few secret surprises up their sleeves. Merchandise from the foundation’s vault will be available, alongside the harm reduction booth on The Other Side.

Grab your tickets here and join us for an eclectic family gathering, celebrating CharlestheFirst and the impact he left behind.

Looking to support the cause and receive limited-edition merch in return? Crown passes are now available, which include one general admission, a commemorative laminate with lanyard, and a CrowntheFoundation logo pin.

Cover image by Jake Floria

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