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When Denver-based The Mile High Sound Movement started its label in 2014, the debut release was Mile High Meltdown Compilation, Vol. 1. This compilation became an annual tradition, however, the label did not release a compilation last year. In order to make up for lost time, MHSM made this year’s release extra special and invited over 30 spectacular artists for its fifth volume.

Lucid Vision nok nok

Featuring a wide variety of artists, some on the label and some not, Mile High Meltdown Compilation, Vol. 5 is the label’s biggest release to date. With artists such as Edamame, Beak Nasty, Homemade Spaceship, Laika Beats, Ryan Viser, VibeSquaD, and many more, this two years in the making compilation is well worth the wait.

“When a huge project like this one finally comes together and the finished product is ready to share, it is one of the more humbling feelings I have as a label manager.”

Cris Bachmann

Lucid Vision Recruits nok nok for “Known To Rock”

While the compilation will not be officially released until August 21, we are excited to give you a sneak peek of the musical goodness to come. Today, we are here to exclusively premiere Lucid Vision and nok nok’s stellar “Known To Rock” single.

“Known To Rock” commences with a minimal, psychedelic vibe before funky and melodic forces launch you into a groovy journey through the cosmos. Lucid Vision and nok nok’s signature instrumentation fusion is implemented throughout the cinematic, space bass soundscapes. Creating a product that is undeniably innovative and cutting edge. Prepare to dance your way through the galaxy in this standout offering. And be on the lookout for the official compilation’s release this Friday!

Listen to “Known to Rock” below, and let us know what you think:

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