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Allow us to introduce you to Taylor Moore. You’ll soon know him as low kee., the producer hailing from Nashville, TN. He is bringing all the wicked, weird, and darkness to the heavy bass sound we know and love. 

We immediately couldn’t help but hear some similarities to Jade Cicada, Detox Unit, and the Slug Wife gang. If you’re not catching on, we’re talking about some combination of UK grimy neuro meets chaotic, glitch-hop and wonky, low-end basslines. Let’s dive deeper into the mind of Moore on his latest release, Perplexbox.

The EP leads off with ‘Unbroken Glass‘ featuring Sickish, another Nashville native. The two take you down a haunted road with the track’s ominous buildup. Things take a turn for the unexpected, as heavy drum patterns unfold, scattering abruptly across the song’s canvas. The tune will send shockwaves pulsing through your body with these vicious breakdowns.

The second tune, ‘perplexbox‘, is built on a hip hop beat pattern with signature 808s. The heavy bass line meshes with some crunchy, low-end breakdowns that should be straight-up illegal. We couldn’t help containing ourselves from getting down to this one. Something tells us that fellow neuro bass artists are going to love this one.

A punishing bass drop that will have you hollering ooooahhhhh!

‘Oooahh!’ draws the listener in with a trippy, pixelated buildup. Suddenly, BOOM! A punishing bass drop that will have you hollering ooooahhhhh! This one will undoubtedly ignite all your senses as it’s an absolute behemoth of a tune. Again, the breakdowns are just so massive it feels like everything around you is erupting.

low kee. closes out the EP with ‘Chernobyl‘, best described as a funkadelic sensation. This track is just sooo damn groovy. The song is leveled by a catchy bass line that sounds like it could go over any hip-hop acapella. The tune eventually makes way for what becomes a hard-hitting neuro banger. We can’t help to make that nasty bass face to this one.

We couldn’t be more impressed with how low kee. continues to perfect his sound. Make sure to smash that play button below and stream this fantastic new project, Perplexbox. Keep it locked on his socials as well as right here on Electric Hawk for tons of new material coming soon.

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