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The San Francisco label, Muti Music, hosts some of the most unique sonic frequencies by artists geared toward genre diversity. This release is no different, as the Australian producer, Floor Twenty, fuses Drum and bass with reflective emotion in Losing Hours. Defined by jungle & footwork, the 4 track EP incorporates spiritual soundscapes and fast-paced hi-hats. Each track showcases his range of DnB, footwork, and halftime, while colliding classic and modern sounds.

'Losing Hours' Floor Twenty
Photo courtesy of Floor Twenty

Losing Hours is a more reflective project; I had a need to dive a bit deeper. I wanted to create a more cinematic EP, that you could listen to end to end with lots of emotion, while still having that driving force of jungle and footwork beats. It felt like, time was disappearing while creating the music.

Floor Twenty

The jungalist time zone.

Losing Hours begins with a spiritual yet earthy feel as meditative ohms guide the listener through a halftime track. It turns up in the second half with an aggressive trashing of amen breaks. Tribal hints combined with airy synths and a deep rolling baseline define the second track.

The third track, “Cosmic Dance” is a glitch-y, fast-paced juke exploration, grounded with heavy drums. The jungalist journey through time concludes with a classic jungle sound, accented with ethereal elements and jazzy tones.

Bounce to Floor Twenty’s Losing Hours, out now on all platforms via Muti Music!

Floor Twenty’s Losing Hours takes DnB-rooted production to a unique realm. After finally finding a way of expression, Floor Twenty is ready to get the rave scene moving with this EP’s jungle-inspired madness. While staying true to the old-school jungle principles, the addition of guiding tones, and emotive frequencies truly make this EP one of a kind.

In search of more unique sounds?! Check out Muti Music’s unparalleled soundscapes here.

Cover image of Losing Hours artwork

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