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WAKAAN label head, Liquid Stranger, takes you on a journey through uncharted backwoods in his newest genre-bending single, “Low.” Mixed with tribal influence and, of course, Martin’s distinctive heavy drops, the third single of his forthcoming full-length LP, B A L A N C E, delivers an otherworldly sound.

Liquid Stranger Low Electric Hawk
Martin Stääf aka Liquid Stranger
Photo by Nigel Bland

“When I made “Low,” I wanted to create something unique in the soundscape. This has been one of my personal favorite songs to play out on the B A L A N C E tour because of the energy it’s created on the dance floor. It just hits.”

Liquid Stranger

This transformative track gives us the latest sneak peek into Martin’s seventh full-length album

The Swedish DJ/producer is well known for his innate ability to incorporate several genres while honing his personal style. This time, he’s going even further outside of the box. The first single, “Holla,” features filthy bars from label mate, Wreckno, and spacey bass sounds felt from head to toe. “Berserk,” the EP’s second single, is an energy-inducing track that fans have been begging for months. All in all, B A L A N C E is packed with fun and unpredictable bangers.

The bass boss asks that you follow these simple instructions…

Now, let’s dive into Martin’s newest track, “Low.” To start, the soundscape sets a woodsy scene using a series of soft chants, tribal percussion, and ambient synths. Over time, these ethereal sounds gradually build and build. Here, an alluring vocal sample calls for us to “drop it down low and make it roll.” Next, we’re met with Martin’s signature, mind-boggling bass-heavy drops that overlay the bold chorus. Still staying true to Martin’s roots, “Low” fuses psychedelic dubstep with a rhythmic ambiance that takes you on a trip. Before you listen, remember to have your dancing shoes on because it’s impossible not to drop it to this beat.

Ready to go to outer space?

Anxiously waiting to hear the complete B A L A N C E EP? Same. Are you near the Los Angeles area? If so, be sure to cop tickets to the final show of the B A L A N C E Tour. You may hear album sneak peeks, plus wonky wubs from other fire WAKAAN artists, like Canabliss, Mersiv, Redrum, and more.

Slated to close multiple festivals later this year, including Sunset Music Festival, Summer Camp, Imagine Festival, Elements, and his very own flagship festival, WAKAAN Music Festival, Liquid Stranger is a hard “do not miss.”

Until then, drop it “Low” with the track below!

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