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Spring has sprung! Freddy Todd is so excited to present Liquefaction, his first-ever bass house and techno hybrid release! The four-track EP takes us back to the roots of his stomping grounds in Detroit, Michigan. Notorious for the staple house festival, Movement, Detroit also just so happens to be the home of techno. After moving back shortly before the pandemic, Todd fell in love all over again with the heartbeats of the city. This year he took a leap and dove headfirst into something new, other than his typical psychedelic bass. Artists who step out of their comfort zone aren’t celebrated enough, so here’s to Freddy Todd and his newest piece of art, Liquefaction.

Liquefaction EP press photo of Freddy Todd shot by Max
Captured by: Max

This delicious EP begins with “Into My Eyes,” a crisp acid techno track featuring the one and only Wreckno. Todd’s melodic and hypnotic beats put you in a trance, while Wreckno’s catchy vocals add the perfect flair. This sassy track is giving dark warehouse vibes, and I’m loving it. The second song, “All Sauce, No Meat,” continues the groove. The blissful sound of crashing waves creates a dreamy introduction as the upbeat chorus gets the booty goin’. Surprise bells and funky boots n’ cats make this dancefloor anthem so much fun! As a Michigan local myself, I can say that Freddy Todd truly made this tune feel like Detroit with its old-school vocals and a sprinkle of his signature psychedelic style!

Liquefaction is the result of Freddy Todd’s creative curiosity coming to life

Thirdly, “Cheugy (See Me In The Back)” launches a euphoric journey concoction – beach house vibes paired with an addictive bassline. Close your eyes, listen, and get lost in a five-minute bouncy, blissful daze. Finally, the EP finishes with “Jelly Brain,” which I categorize as an experimental party! This deep house banger commands you to get your booty on the dancefloor, and Freddy Todd makes the rules. Once again, he effortlessly mixes his trademark trippy style with a slamming house rhythm.

To summarize, this four-on-the-floor masterpiece is about to be the house anthem of the summer! Another round of applause for Freddy Todd’s willingness to push his limits and as a result, gifting us his Liquefaction EP. So, will he continue on this new path? Or, is it back to his classic sound for now? Make sure to stay connected to find out!

It’s the season of dance, so here’s where to catch the next Freddy Todd party!

Dallas, TX – April 16
Phoenix (Mesa), AZ – April 23
Bass Country Grand Rapids, MI – May 7

Indulge in the ‘Liquefaction’ EP below!

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