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When you look up vibes in the dictionary, there’s a Soundcloud link to this remix from Levity. Taking the already groovy track from Cuco, “Summer Time High Time,” and making it fresh and interesting with their own unique sound.

Iowa City based Levity is relatively new to the scene but have been consistently making waves. The duo most recently played our very own Harmony Virtual Festival last weekend. Their set got tons of praise for being so infectious and fun, which left fans wanting more. *cue “Summer Time High Time” remix*

Priding themselves on producing music that makes you happy, it’s safe to say this remix does just that. With a summertime anthem type beat, a song you and your friends play when you’ve been drinking cheap beer by a pool all day. Like “Electric Feel” by MGMT type sh*t, level 200 vibes achieved. Cuco’s carefree acapella meshes perfectly with Levity’s signature sound to create something so pure and blissful.

We are so eager to see what’s up next for the boys of Levity, but until then, stream their remix of “Summer Time High Time” below.

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