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Seattle-based audio and visual artist Levit∆te has blown us away with Legacy. The album alone is a masterpiece that spans genres. But Levit∆te has gone above and beyond, treating us to a full audiovisual experience.

Legacy feels like the future of the at-home music experience.

We first begin the Legacy experience with a one-minute video and monologue, reminding us that “better days” and “brighter horizons” are coming.

Next, find 45 minutes. Sit. Then sink into the curated experience of Legacy.

Legacy can be viewed on Levit∆te‘s website or YouTube, but it is crucial you watch front to back. No breaks, no pauses. A cinematic storyline will guide you to each following track. The website suggests that you watch each video and then listen to its musical counterpart.

Legacy chronicles the journey of three at the edge of humanity.

Legacy follows the journey of Mesics, Max, and Percy the protector. Prior to the fall of modern society, Mesics found himself as chemical and mechanical engineer for the military, designing weapons. Now, 30 years into the future, a ferrofluid substance called “The Harbinger” has crippled humanity, and it’s Mesics responsibility to travel far away from greater civilization to eradicate The Harbinger from humanity.

Learn more about details of the storyline here.

Equally important: the music.

From gorgeous opener and lead single “96” featuring Kody Ryan, to the hard-hitting glitch of “Among Trees,” to high energy DNB track “Harbinger.” Legacy sports a vast depth of sonic sound design. Levit∆te reels you in and hooks you, and as a result, we are dying to see and hear more.

Travel to the edge of humanity with Legacy from Levit∆te. The audiovisual experience can be found in its entirety on this website or Youtube.

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