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Although life is on pause right now, Lane 8‘s tremendous momentum shows no sign of slowing down. The legend is back once again, this time with an exuberant and euphoric work of art that is sure to make your days immensely brighter. In collaboration with Atlanta based producer, OTR, Lane 8 presents us with a stunning and uplifting new single, “Shatter.”

“Shatter” welcomes listeners with an angelic and light piano melody that delicately sways throughout the track. Nostalgia arises as its momentum grows. Signature sounds of Lane 8 flutter in, enhancing the emotion and lucid flow of soothing notes and ethereal vocals.

From a gentle and dreamy build-up to an infectious drop of hard-hitting percussion, “Shatter” is sure to provoke a positive emotional release and a burst of house-induced hopefulness.

This delightful and intoxicating track may be just under three minutes long, but it is nothing short of exhilarating! “Shatter” is undeniably vibrant, liberating, and energetically recharging.

Press play and get ready to feel inspired as “Shatter” kickstarts your day, crushes your self-doubt, and shatters your fears.

Listen Here:

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