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Last week, KUMO Collective shed light on yet another emerging producer via their uplifting independent label. Jupe is a Miami-native with a knack for future bass. Now, the visionary has released his first track of 2021. “Indigo” by Jupe is bursting with emotions and bound to leave you speechless!

Jupe Indigo Electric Hawk
“Indigo” Artwork

Jupe’s “Indigo” breaks genre boundaries.

Upon first listen, “Indigo” embodies future bass through and through. Jupe delicately shapes a bubbly, fairy-tale-like soundscape for our ears. But when we break things down, the track is too well-rounded to simply confine it to one genre. Then, future garage beats wiggle their way into the mix, which is when we sense something more about to happen. Before you know it exhilarating guitar riffs and limitless synths soar throughout the “Indigo” sky. Jupe’s ability to create a genre-fluid track like this one is exceptional.

Stream “Indigo” from Jupe below, out now via KUMO Collective.

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