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Considering I purchased a shirt at a music festival that Nick Murphy performed at, in which depicts the name “CHET” drawn into a tombstone, I personally thought that Chet Faker had been sacrificed to the art gods. Something too good for this world, therefore removed from it. But I guess sometimes the ghosts of our past really do come back to visit us.

This particular ghost returns with “Get High”, his second single release off his up coming new album. This being the first one produced under the Chet Faker name since 2014. With a vibrant set of piano notes, and a killer bassline the room becomes smoky. The lyrics try to find the lighter, and Faker gives us a moment to take a deep breath.

His foray into the traditional music creative process that he went through as Nick Murphy is very evident in his free form evolution of it. The melodies of Murphy’s Music for Silence and Run Fast Sleep Naked have blossomed now effortlessly combine with the smooth mixing and reputation that comes with the Chet Faker name.

I believe we have found our final evolution. Here is a music artist that is so familiar with his craft that his music is something larger than himself. It makes a lot of sense to me as to why Murphy may have settled back into the Faker name. So far, his return has been a culmination of experience and inspiration as you watch Murphy follow his own advice to “take a break from myself.”

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Photos courtesy of Chet Faker

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