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On the Fourth Day of Hawkmas, my IZZI gave to me a dark trip down memory lane via the Nigredo EP. Giving me the chills, I remembered this eldritch-sounding savagery last winter. Come have a listen, and squirm at the murky wubz again:


The Neuro-bass producer breaks down his 2020 for us, giving key highlights and moments of inspiration

The young New England-based producer came in HOT and kept that pace up for pretty much the rest of the year. Joining the Dreamscape Compilation from Morflo Records, as well as releasing on Dipitus.

IZZI has been all gas, no breaks, and tells of how much growth this year has given him.

He was grateful to perform at DubDay NYC, opening for DiCe MaN, earlier in the year. But a highlight for him was getting recognition for all his hard work by his fans and peers. This gave him more confidence and inspiration to keep pushing forward. After all, there’s no way to go but UP!

IZZI – Photo by michaeltakespicturesdotcom

What can we expect from IZZI in 2021? What tricks does he have up his sleeve? 

With 2020 coming to a tumultuous close, IZZI makes no changes to his plans. Keep. Going. He gives us a hint at being featured on a new remix album, but shhh you didn’t hear that from us.

We can expect a fresh all original mix early in the new year along with a brand new EP—lots of fun things to expect from this talented producer. Be sure to keep an eye out; his momentum is only building.

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