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As if the OG “Trick Style” from Patches. wasn’t low and dubby enough, IZZI has stepped in to see just how low can we go.

IZZI is known for serving up those deliciously wubby sounds we all crave. This remix only makes his name more prominent in the underground dubstep scene.

Starting with an eerie intro, you can already tell something very sinister is about to happen to your ears. Which is an understatement. The drums start to come in as the beat and anticipation builds. IZZI goes into this drop that can only be explained by saying sheeeeesh.

The second break down is probably my favorite part of this whole track. I don’t even know how to begin describing this. These funky, experimental, and wonky sounds come together to make something oh so dirty. My neck literally hurts from boppin’ so much. Every part of this track is just as nasty as the last. After listening to this track I honestly just need a shower and to do some self-reflection, because what the hell just happened to me.

IZZI has a lot planned for us, and if this remix is any indication of what’s to come… prepare ya bodies.

Give the “Trick Style” remix by IZZI some love below!

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