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Tuesday morning, the week has started off and we were not quite ready to let go of the weekend. Feeling those midweek blues is never fun. However, that was all flipped upside down as our devices went off, receiving one notification after the next. Our phones wouldn’t stop buzzing alerting us of everyone’s excitement for the new IZZI EP, Nigredo. Who is IZZI you may ask?! If you don’t know IZZI, well that’s about to all change in 2020. The forward thinking neuro-bass artist is ready to expose the beauty in his wickedly dark and deep bass. 

The project begins with ‘Listen’ as IZZI beckons you to lend an ear to hear the pure madness he is crafting up.

The sinister sounding track slowly seeps its way into your brain and trickles down your spine as the mysterious vocals whisper faintly along with the steady brigade of drum pattern & distorted synths. The patterns suddenly twist into a wicked yet squishy arrangement that sizzles with a sense of delirium. Things slow down just to pick right back up, IZZI has more in mind for us as the beat screeches with insanity. The synths provide machine-like textures to the second drop giving it an overwhelming feeling over your body. They are modulated into a frenzy of crunchy waves supported by a ferocious snare kick. All while IZZI sprinkles over bodacious hip hop acapellas transforming the song into savagery.

Wheezy’ is a brash tune that definitely isn’t lacking in intensity. Imagine this, Lil Wayne decided to drop a remix pack for Tha Carter series, that’s what ‘Wheezy’ sounds like. The tune highlights IZZI’s signature neuro-bass sound and puts it on display for us all the revel in. A climactic buildup immediately puts the listener under IZZI’s trance. It’s no other than Wheezy himself providing the samples and signature ad libs throughout. The compressed synths are unleashed in a hectic fashion to disorient your mind. The second drop is straight up rude. Izzi didn’t have to go and flex on us this hard. Kicking up the bass and continuing with the fragments of broken beats, IZZI gives us that K.O. blow. 

The third track, ‘Forward’ reminds us that in order to progress and innovate new sounds, we need to keep moving forward with the creation of music.

As the vocals harp on this, IZZI showcases his forward thinking abilities to the fullest. Building breakdowns around this phase, IZZI creates a combustion of menacing bass with a hint of wonkiness that guarantees to provide the gnarliest bass face around. A mesmerizing bridge creates a vivid soundscape that keeps you on toes for the high speed impact that is to come. As the track says ‘it ain’t all rainbows’, the faint memory of the beautiful medley is put to bed real fast. True darkness exposes the synths as they dismantle and the beat reveals its inner demons. 

Nigredo’ derives from alchemy and is the decomposition of removing the darkness from within you. The song epitomizes all of those deep, dark and muddy feelings densely packed into 4 minutes of chaos. From the second the track begins, you are found engulfed by blackness as a hazy begins to set over your body. The track breaks down as bleakness completely consumes your mind. As you work through all the vicious breakdowns you come to an end. The heaviness clears as some clarity opens, leaving us curious and thoughtful of what just went down.

Without further ado, stream IZZI astounding debut EP below. We here at Electric Hawk are absolutely ecstatic about this young phenom and cannot wait for what his bright future holds.

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