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Taking no prisoners, the Aussie-surfer-turned-producer JACKNIFE bombards 2020 with his nefarious first track of the year ‘Fear,’ released on his own label, Bladed Black. ‘Fear’ combines G-House with his signature psychedelic bass into an in-your-face sonic experience.

‘Fear’ opens with unsettling vocals and an intro straight out of an early 00’s action video game. The energy is high and tension-filled, just like you are walking empty hallways waiting for an enemy to turn the corner. The drops relieve some of your nerves but the energy still remains elevated.

When I made ‘Fear,’ I actually wanted to defy the fear of only making one style. Music is about creating a space to live in. While you’re at a JACKNIFE show, you’re in my world. Bladed Black is a scary planet. And sometimes, I want to scare the shit out of the crowd. Nothing makes your blood bump like a good scare. It’s ok to be scared though. It’s all in your head


The second half of the track continues this vibe with elements reminiscent of the Matrix soundtrack and then carries on with heart pumping elements right until the track ends with an abrupt, but very clean halt. With an opening salvo like this, we cannot wait to see JACKNIFE has in store for us the rest of the year.

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