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Verdance released a new EP, Intertwined, on October 20th with Loci Records. This eight-track EP takes us on an enlightening journey – Verdance himself has said that his tracks are inspired by nature, according to his Instagram bio.

Intertwined is exactly that.

Let’s find a nice space in nature, turn on this EP, and soak up the sunshine.

Let’s get Intertwined.

Brevity” is quick to catch our attention. From the first note, it immediately yearns for curiosity. It’s soft and gentle while it draws us in. Various elements are working closely with each other in this one: piano, vocals, and electronic. It’s glitchy and perfectly crafted, setting the stage for what’s to come in this EP.

Abundant” has a light, cheery energy right off the bat. It’s warm, like the sun on a summer day, and feels safe and comfortable. Even as the beat picks up, it doesn’t stray away from our safe space. Various beats and melodies work so well together here, never leading us far away from this place – wonderfully crafting a track that is sound.

It All Depends” has an intro that reminds us of opening the curtains on a sunny day. The day is off to a slow start, and as we move further into the song, the sunlight comes through as we move the curtains open. The melodic hums in the background work in tandem with the tapping of the rhythm. This track is light, glittery, and euphoric – tied perfectly to warm memories and feelings.

Are your feelings getting Intertwined yet?

Up next and bringing the energy up is “Sympathy.” It immediately wants to make us move. The piano in this track levels us back down to the ground after the energy picked us up. Everything about this one is refreshing – not too fast, not too slow…

Still quick and keeping the high energy, “Expectant” is not anything we expected. It’s better. The chimes cut through the consistent rhythm, reminding us of windchimes moving with the pace of the earth. There are contrasting sounds – high-pitched and low-pitched, that remind us balance is necessary.

Fruits” is mysterious and lovely all at once. Noises echo through the darkness, and the tapping takes us through the mystery, where the melody turns from mysterious to constant and clear. The aura here is blue – it feels like we’re exploring underwater as the echoes continue to flow through our eardrums.

Intertwined (feat. Sam Island)” is joyful and lighthearted. Sam Island’s voice is soothing and contrasts the high-pitched tapping elements in the background. While listening to this track, it takes us back to so many happy memories – not limited to one. It makes us feel giddy, like the lyrics say, “We’re going to be alright.

Closing out the EP is “Take It Back.” There seem to be a lot of sounds here; it almost sounds like a crowd with the beat cutting right through. Is that a voice coming through? There’s a lot to listen to, but never too much, never overwhelming. Suddenly, the comfort of the melody takes us through the end of the track and EP.

Listen to the Intertwined EP by Verdance now!

Verdance has taken us on a journey through this EP. Whether emotional, natural or simply musical, we hope you enjoyed this time with Verdance as much as we did.

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