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Verdance just released Unison, a six-track EP intended to bring people together after a long, lonely few years. Known best under the moniker, Handbook, Verdance is the beautiful new side project from Jake Brown.

Sounds produced under this name are inspired by nature. The Unison EP has the power to bring listeners out of their subconscious minds, back down to earth. Washing over their senses with its unique ambiance.

“Generally, when we think of the term ‘verdant,’ our imagination is immediately wrapped by images of green, lush, nature. Perhaps the iridescence of spring – and that’s exactly the kind of garden-fresh aesthetic Verdance acquaints us with. Through his organic, yet lively soundscapes.”

Stereofox Records
Verdance Unison EP

This talented U.K. producer expands his horizons, blends genres, and dips into unknown territories.

Verdance paints vivid pictures of enticing scenery. This EP is earthy, meditative, and ethereal. It transcends listeners through time, to places that can only be felt.

Some of his songs have even been featured on Apple Music’s ‘Today’s Chill,’ ‘New Music Daily,’ ‘Future Sounds,’ ‘Pure Focus,’ ‘Flow State,’ and ‘High Vibes Yoga’ playlists. Therefore, it’s perfect to unwind to. Whatever that might look like for you. Relaxation doesn’t always come easy.

However, with this new EP, slowing down just happens so naturally. Throw it on while stretching, doing yoga, or meditating. It’ll catapult you into a soulful flow state.

“It has been so weird over the past year or so for us as a local, national, and global community. Divided online, we also got separated in the physical world due to the Pandemic upon us. Our networks were disrupted. We were unable to look after each other properly. Unison felt like a record that could help unite people. I wanted to create a work that suggested unity, equality, love, and euphoria. Fitting tonics for a global landscape that needs to become whole once again.”


The Unison EP allows listeners to be guided out of a fast paced mind space into a place of peace and clarity.

Verdance uses all sorts of sounds. Each track opens up the five senses. Bringing presence back to the current moment. Therefore, elevating the mind and creating a sense of union. Ultimately influencing feelings of euphoria throughout this sonic journey. Awareness was put into every inch of this project. Listeners can move from a state of disharmony to harmony.

Similarly, this six-track collaborative EP leads way to unity. Inevitably brings together anyone who is feeling lost. In addition, providing them with music that takes them to a faraway place. Above all, painting hues of blue and green.

In conclusion, this is a very transformative work of art. I truly can’t recommend it enough.

Listen to the Unison EP by Verdance below, and support your favorite creatives.

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