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Is there anyone who’s had a hotter year than GRiZ??? The funk master has graciously provided us with new music one insane release after the next. Touching on a multitude of genres, ranging from dubstep heavyweights to blissful electro-soul remedies, GRiZ has provided a little something for everyone. It comes at the perfect time helping to alleviate all the stress we are carrying. A personal favorite tune to come out of this was of course his collaboration with our favorite bass king, Wreckno.

“Medusa” undoubtedly became a summer anthem regardless if we were to be kept indoors. The track is filled with nothing but positivity and low-end bass drop that’ll have you literally spiraling. The bodacious and clever verses from Wreckno paired with the duo’s stellar production skills proved to be a match made in heaven. 

Just like with his releases this year GRiZ and Wreckno cast their net far out snatching up remixes across all different realms.

Bringing together a diverse group of sounds that range from house to deep bass. The two present a 5 track EP adding a new flair to the already fiery track. GRiZ and Wreckno continue to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community calling on some of the hottest emerging talents. And damnnn do they serve up some heat.

The EP leads off with GRiZ himself remixing the original track ensuring the pandemonium starts immediately. The track features brand new female vocals switching up the previous “hot boys” bop to a track that the girls can get behind as well. The rest is simply chaotic, as GRiZ continues to revive and fine-tune his old school low-end dubstep sound that has become more prevalent in his music.

Giolì & Assia, the queer power duo from Italy are first to flip the track. The result is an absolutely mesmerizing kick drum that’ll leave you with no choice but to get funky yet soulful with the music. The duo leaves Wreckno’s vocal intact flowing perfectly with the infectious basslines seep through your body. 

Next up we have the savy and versatile bass producer, Super Future.

The artist has become a frequent collaborator with Wreckno. From their Ass Throwers Anonymous series to their countless B2B, this felt like a more than appropriate individual to grace us with his unique sound. And whew does he deliver, effortlessly crafting the tune into a gnarly bass creme brulee. Synths be going absolute haywire in this one, leaving you and your brain in a puddle. Try and clean up quickly before we dive into the next track.

Adding to the wonderful LGBTQ+ lineup, NotLö takes center stage next and oooooh baby this one is for all my people who like to get weird and deeepp. NotLö takes us on a journey to the bleak and mysterious side of “Medusa” with a punishing bassline that is not for the faint of heart. Chopping the vocals to ride along hypnotically with dangerous synths that growl and aren’t too friendly. It’s incredibly dark and insane, WE LOVE IT! 

Finishing off the EP with a gay icon, J. Worra closes out the project with a house anthem that is just damn right groovy. The rising Dirtybird sensation flips the track into a powerful dance floor banger that will need to be rinsed at any upcoming disco throw down. Lastly, we want to give a quick shout out to the amazing artist, Sam Clover, for the insane cover art she provides for this EP. It’s simply stunning! 

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