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On the third day of GRiZMAS, GRiZ opened his charity auction!! In the true holiday spirit, GRiZ, also known as Grant, adds all new items and personalized goodies to his famous auction. You can bid for things like a signed holiday saxophone or getting your next tattoo drawn by Grant himself.

Other tidbits include a one-of-a-kind, hand-made apparel item from GRiZ and even a chance to get personalized messages from him too. I even spy, with my little eye, lessons by Muzzy Bear!!! This year has lots of goodies, and it’s for such a great cause!

All proceeds will go towards providing kids with music education that will help the next generation of musicians.

GRiZ Charity Auction

Last year, performing in Detroit, GRiZ stated how much it meant for him to give back as a community and continue to inspire all those around him. He brought out the Detroit Lions drumline and MSU Brass Section to perform “Tiger Kingdom Space Camp” at the show. Even with the circumstances, we can still expect this Grizmas to be another unique, fun, and charitable experience.

To donate and purchase: here

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