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It is always haunting times as the days begin to shorten. The annual return of Rezz to the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater during Halloweekend is finally here. This time with a twist. Rezz showcased a different element her fans have been craving. The first day of her two-night run revealed something more sinister, as she performed her Nightmare on Rezz Street project. This came after the release of the second edition of the project on her own brand-new label, HypnoVizion earlier in the week. We were honored to have been invited to witness the spooky project in full motion.

Rezz Red Rocks

Nothing like eerie and haunting vibes from Rezz at Red Rocks to get us into the spooky spirit!

As the night is fully in motion and the crowd eagerly waits along the steps of Red Rocks, the intensity builds in the atmosphere. The lights turn off and a loud vibration fills the crowd as they cheer and watch Rezz walk onto the decks. Although the chills from the crisp October air surround us, the heat from the pyro on stage instantly warms the souls of our bodies while Rezz prepares to put us under her spell. In contrast to other aesthetics from her sets, we are brought into a darker and heavier world, as we officially turn on the Nightmare on Rezz Street ambiance.

Through the sonic darkness and sinister visuals, the chills begin to rise as Rezz captivates us. The energy in the crowd became more electrifying with each track. Everyone fully in unison, falling mesmerized by the production and thrilling set.

Rezz treated the audience with a lot of ghoulish goodies for the OGs and new fans. While fully under her hypnosis, the night became something to remember. From getting her latest installment of Nightmare on Rezz Street to other golden hits we crave, she went all out to start the weekend. The energy was continuously growing from the openers she brought out. EDDIE, Mary Droppinz, Eazybaked, and Wreckno all lead to a perfect finale to settle us all in for what was next. In the end, the people at Rezz Rocks that got to witness this set got a treat instead of a trick this Halloween.

Check out the photo gallery we took at Nightmare on Rezz Street at Red Rocks!

The spine-chilling vibes don’t have to end during Halloween, continue listening to Rezz’s new Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 below!

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