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Fluttering in and gracing our nest, Ghost in Real Life releases her newest tune, “Metamorphosis,” as an Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere. This is the latest from the multi-genre producer as she continues to excel. Through the euphoric and sonic blooming elements, the vibrations from “Metamorphosis” illuminate the scenery all around. Ghost in Real Life unleashes all her energetic and lively aura for us to encounter on our spiritual journey. And she hopes you’re ready to undergo “Metamorphosis” with her as well.

Ghost in Real Life - Metamorphosis Cover Art
Photo Credit: Maxine Bowen 

Emerging into our remarkable selves with Ghost in Real Life

Immediately, you are transported to the enchanted meadows in Ghost in Real Life’s universe. And suddenly, you are awakened by the ethereal vocals in the background. While your eyes catch glimpses of the butterflies dancing around you. You begin to hear the mesmerizing chanting “meta-morph-osis” guiding you to the deep ends of the meadow. Intuitively following the fluttering melodies, you sonically begin to feel weightless. Now, allow your body to lose control for a split second as you soar through the chromatic, kaleidoscope skies that Ghost in Real Life painted. You fully release all the pressure in the world to showcase your newest transformation.

Nevertheless, Ghost in Real Life shows us the dazzling metamorphosis that we all personally experience. Through the breezy and booming drops that send chills across your body, Ghost in Real Life tells a story of breaking our chrysalis to encounter our new altered universe. Enriching the new beauties we stumble upon, we are now ready to take on any challenge in our way. A perfect track to blast while opening that next chapter in your life. Although the worrisome feelings of change creep in, Ghost in Real Life reminds us there is beauty that comes in our very own “Metamorphosis.” Certainly, a track that will become your next go-to for the upcoming seasons. Ghost in Real Life truly showcases the sunlight in her latest track.

Ghost in Real Life continues to expand her wings!

This rising talent of 2022 continues to soar through the horizons. Earlier this year, releasing her eerie, melodic single “Drowning in Waves” and also later releasing a track under Bear Grillz’s label Rude Service in February, Ghost in Real Life has made her presence known in 2022. In March, she went on a mini-tour, opening for Riot Ten and Bailo; the full force of Ghost in Real Life in a live setting continues to thrill the crowds. Most recently, she became a part of the lineup for the virtual stream, Variance Festival, run by Audius and Trap Nation to raise money for Musicares on Twitch. Undoubtedly, Ghost in Real Life is just touching the surface of all the tracks and shows to be announced. Ghost in Real Life is truly a name to keep on your radar for the remainder of 2022.

Flourish and transform while listening to “Metamorphosis” below!

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