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cover art by @jordanpeklo

TYLR has set the tone and left it up to the listener to decide how they want to “GET/AWAY.” His newest single merges elements that incite feeling and leave the mind racing. Experience it all for yourself below, in this Electric Hawk exclusive premiere!

“For me, GET/AWAY is one of my most ambitious and important tracks to date. Me and the rest of the people involved with the creation of the track spent a lot of time making every aspect of the song cohesive, from the cover art to the sound itself. I’m so happy that it’s finally out and I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!”

TYLR via Instagram
TYLR via Instagram

It’s time to take note of TYLR

This is not the first time, and certainly won’t be the last that we at Hawk HQ have been simps for TYLR. Back in February “Killing Me” with Madison Burch dropped via Electric Hawk Records. The vocals and sound collided to create something beautiful yet sinister, and it landed TYLR a huge spot on our radar. Continuing to leave his mark we now have “GET/AWAY,” another perfectly crafted track for us to have on repeat for weeks to come.

“GET/AWAY” has us seeing double

There are two sides to every story, and TYLR just proved to us there are also two sides to every track. On one hand, we have a moving or emotional approach, sounds acting as a reflector of feeling. On the other, we have an uplifting and light approach, sounds acting as an escape from reality. However you choose to spin “GET/AWAY” is entirely up to you. Not to say TYLR is giving us evil scientist vibes, but…he is. Experimenting via ominous flows, energetic drops, and some intoxicating DNB, he studies our mind’s reactions and takes notes of our interpretations.

it’s how you feel that will determine how you view it, and I think it’s beautiful.


Now it’s your turn, dive into “GET/AWAY” below!

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