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When we saw these three coming together on a track, we already knew it was about to be a serious situation. Then when we saw the track was a part of Cyclops Recordings’ Planet Cyclops, it became clear that we were in danger. Wreckno, jordnmoody, and newly rebranded Wiley (previously WileyCoyote) show us what you get when you give a cyclops some LSD and a crop-top bussy bop jersey with their newest single, “Acidears.”

“Acidears” finds its home on Planet Cyclops Divison II: The Psychedelic Division, rightfully so. Wiley, jordnmoody, and Wreckno are also in great company in this division from the likes of guppi, TYNAN, Jkyl & Hyde, and many more! Two other divisions round out Planet Cyclops, High Knees Headquarters, and Heavy Artillery. Forming the holy trinity, all three divisions feature their own unique sound offering a little something for everyone. You can keep up with all things Cyclops Recordings here.

Ferocious like Jurassic

Speaking of holy trinities, let’s talk about Wiley, jordnmoody, and Wreckno. It’s impossible to have a bad day when we have something like “Acidears” on repeat. This trio truly dropped that fire on rapid, showcasing what each of them do best. Wreckno takes his Cyclops Recordings debut by storm. His signature flow and expertly crafted rhymes, to no surprise, are the perfect pairing to Wiley and jordnmoody’s wobbly beats and cosmic snare. This track is a TRIP, literally.

You can drop “Acidears” below!

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