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Los Angeles-based musician Gage Gaubert graces ears with his debut album, Do Me Right. Released on September 15, Gage Gaubert recruited mixer/producer Daniel Cullen (AKA Ghost Affair) in order to bring his soulful vision to light. In Do Me Right, Gage Gaubert bares his raw emotions for all to hear, crooning on every track of this debut.

Headshot of Gage Gaubert, taken by J Edwards.

“Someone who understands you completely. Who admires you, respects you, who touts you. Yet, they somehow reach a moment when desire overcomes friendship.

With this debut album, Gage Gaubert sings the story of falling in love, only to rise with a bruised heart. Do Me Right is furthermore a moving expression of vulnerability. He fuses his voice of honey with the emotion and flow of R&B, layered over electronic-inspired beats. Ghost Affair compliments the smooth vocal cadence with silken instrumentals. He tinges the atmosphere to match the rich yet melancholy rose-tinted tones of the lyrics.

Do Me Right tells the relatable tales of exposing one’s heart. Gage Gaubert uses his debut album to share his story of growth through bearing his heart on his sleeve. This body of works feels like a pensive adjacent to Masego’s Pink Polo EP; the gentle R&B elements combine with Gage Gaubert’s heartful yet hurt vocal lilt. This album feels like gazing at wisteria flowers in the glow of a bright moon. A moment of introspection; an opportunity for reflection.

This whole album is about complete personal honesty… I don’t want to pretend. Bring yourself as you are, and listen to my confessions. Stop pretending to be someone you are not. You aren’t okay. None of us are, and that’s beautiful.

Gage Gaubert

Tune into this soulful debut album by Gage Gaubert; listen below!

Cover art for Do Me Right designed by Sophie Lang.

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