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W/out comes splashing into 2021 with The Infinite Room, and it’s one of the most fantastic projects I’ve heard in a while. The Chicago native takes you on a sonic journey from where they’ve been to where they’re going musically with my new found love, wave music.

The Infinite Room starts with a blast of nostalgic melodies in the opening track “If They Find It.” W/out transports us right into what feels like a scene straight out of a 90s anime. The punchy, almost drum and bass like bassline set the scene. You’re walking home from school and watching the cars drive by. Then, it begins to rain. So you stop, put your hood up, and smile as you continue walking.

The title track of the EP is the shortest, but it’s the most important. This is the transition in the EP and leads you from where w/out has been to where they’re going. It’s like walking through a sonic Stargate. “The Infinite Room” (the song, that is) sets the tone for the rest of the EP, and it sure is a sweet one.

My favorite track definitely has to be “Ghosts Inside Pt. 2.” The euphoric synths help you astral project right into the realm w/out is creating through they’re sound. It’s quite the mesmerizing song and has a very poignant Virtual Self vibe that I adore.

The entire project makes me feel like I’m driving through a futuristic city in a Lamborghini Countach. But instead of wheels and tires, it has repulsor engines and wings. So make sure to fasten your seatbelts, because w/out is taking you on a much-needed journey to Wave City.

Overall, The Infinite Room is a fantastic foray into wave music and firmly solidifies w/out as one of my top artists to watch in 2021. Make sure you keep your eyes out for everything else they have planned for this year! You can stream The Infinite Room out now on SoundCloud!

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