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We really like to make sure you have new music. In our ever-evolving attempts to bring you the newest and freshest finds in this rapidly changing music industry, we update our Fresh Hunts playlist Every. Single. Friday. All for you. It is one of our biggest playlists curated with the utmost care. So, don’t forget to join in on our weekly gift to the people we love most, YOU. Your favorite music should always be accessible to you, so let us help you out. Here is this week’s Fresh Hunts Round-Up.

We picked some of this past weeks releases that we think you’ll want to hear… Presenting the Fresh Hunts Round-Up

‘Stinger’ – RL GRIME x ISOxo(Farrah Flip)

You have to say a prayer to whatever power you believe in after listening to how scary good this track is. It is not the moment that the wasp stings you inside this remix, it is the ripping, the tearing out of the stinger, the pumping of venom. Absolutely out of this world sound design with a second drop that drop kicks you into the air. This song is one small step for Farrah, one giant leap for music kind.

DARK STAGES EP – Digital Ethos

Digital Ethos delivers a left hook, a right jab, and a sucker punch directly to the face with the three songs on their DARK STAGES EP. The grimey bass has scraped the darkest depths for its grit. “Monsters” was a particular favorite of ours, ending up as the hardest hitting of the three tracks. Despite being only 8 minutes and 18 seconds long, it’s such a satisfying piece of music.

‘Magnetic’ – Chromonicci

Chromonicci‘s first solo of 2021 arrives to help fulfill a long foretold prophesy in the music world that disco is on its way back in. The classic synths behind the lyrics give you every motivation to sway your body side to side and up and down and whatever way around. Chromonicci has only recently started adding his own vocals to his songs but we could not be happier that he did.

‘Mac 19’ – Rusko

This is Rusko‘s debut single for Elevate Records and they say that this is just the first of much more to come. Is that a new album we might be seeing? We’ll have to wait and find out, and the best way to pass the time until then is to listen to this track on repeat as we have. Every Drum and Bass tune we see released in modern times is like a beacon of hope calling us home. Back into the warehouse, we go. Hopefully, they’ll play some Rusko.

‘Soul Arcs’ – Hudson Lee x False Noise

Appropriately tagged #wew woo this track has our ears ringing in the best way. The evolution of this song is completely unexpected. The seemingly random music elements fit together almost perfectly into an uncanny little package. Worlds exist within this one singular song, it lasts forever and yet not long enough. Hudson Lee and False Noise have truly outdone themselves on this one with its conceptual design.

‘Zaza– Manada & M?STIC

M?STIC lives up to their name in creating this entrancing tune with Manada. Hypnotizing so much so you can feel the bass deep in your chest. This trap song can catch you if you fall, so go ahead be crazy -let your hair down, and get low.

‘Migi’ – Tsuruda

Tsuruda continues on his upward climb towards the top with yet another throat-ripping tune. This is the first track off of his new EP Migi, an EP which we are continuously refreshing our email in the hopes of seeing in our inboxes at EH HQ, especially that Alix Perez tune. The dimensions that Tsuruda brings to his music give so much and still leave you wanting more.

Viscid EP – Gallium

The definition of the word Viscid is “glutinous; sticky” these music notes squirm their way into your ears, and find their home in your nerves, making them tingle, giving you goosebumps. There seems to be a large number of underground artists pushing the boundaries of modern dubstep, attempting to return it to its former glory. There are some here, like Gallium, who is definitely helping that journey.

‘Warn Ya’ – The Funk Hunters (Champange Drip Remix)

Anything Champagne Drip touches has gigantic sound, enough to over fill a room, overflow our brains, and this remix is no exception. The vocals of the original song almost feel like they were made to go over the bassline that Champagne Drip has placed there. He has added the perfect elements to create an entirely new beast of a bass song.

Tune in, Turn on, and Drop Out with the rest of our Fresh Hunts

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