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Dj and producer Kaivon is bringing back the sounds of 70’s and 80’s with his new musical project, “August,” which is derived from his middle name. Kaivon has been continuously turning heads since arriving into the music scene in 2016, gaining millions of streams as an independent artist, and now partnering with Insomniac’s label Lost In Dreams.

As August, Kaivon steps outside of bass music and portrays a completely new sound. He has now released his third single, “Free” under the project. It has a retro aesthetic with lyrics about being true to yourself and similarly letting yourself just be…free. In addition, we get to hear a lot more singing from him as August! Above all, we are super excited to see what else is in store for the project.

Of course, we HAD to find out more about August and this new project from the man himself…

Stephanie Castro, Electric Hawk: When did the idea of “August” come to mind, and what inspired you to create the project? 

August (aka Kaivon)

August: The idea of August first came to mind in quarantine when I asked myself, “What message would I want to hear from my favorite artist right now?” That idea is the theme behind most of the August tracks and I really made the project as a form of self-therapy in the hopes that others would get something out of it as well. The August project is essentially me finding myself with you through music and learning to love ourselves.

As a result of quarantine, August came to life for the very first time.

SC: What can we expect to hear from the new project?

A: There’s going to be more retro 80’s/70’s inspired beats and vocals that inspire you to dance and love yourself along with some fun and unconventional music videos :)”

SC: Why did you choose the 80s sound? Any personal connections to it? 

A: I fell in love with the 80’s sound after going with my friends to an “80’s” night in my hometown and I also love the 80’s style soundtracks I heard in movies like “Drive.” The 80’s seemed like a fun time and I prefer the sound of pop music back then compared to pop music now.”

SC: Will you be performing any live shows as August in the future?

A: I definitely will if anyone wants to see an August performance :)”

SC: Have any artists helped inspire the sound you’re looking to create with this side-project? If so, who?

A: My main artistic inspirations for this project are artists like Prince, Queen, The Beatles, Madonna, and some inspiration from The Weeknd as well.”

SC: Any advice for other artists out there that want to branch out into different genres?

A: “Make whatever your heart desires and what’s fun and fulfilling for you. Never put limits on yourself and believe that you can do anything because you can.”

This was a big one, it seems many artists can be apprehensive of changing their sound or doing something different out of fear of fan rejection, but like August says, always follow your heart, no matter what you’re passionate about!

Thank you so much, August, for taking some time to chat with us. We can’t wait for what’s next!

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