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Often, with the start of a new year, comes self-reflection and goal-setting. These things can surely be intimidating and consuming, but when done with good intentions: exciting and transformational. At Electric Hawk, we definitely think it should be the latter! With that being said, we are here to share some of the happiness-inducing hobbies that many in the community turn to. Hopefully, one will catch your eye and be your outlet in 2021!

For those looking to move their bodies, flow arts are for you!

Flow arts have taken the community by storm over the past few years. There seems to be something extremely therapeutic about throwing on your favorite playlist and flowing it out! And, the great news about picking up a flow art hobby is that there are TONS of options. For example, hooping, fire flowing, shuffling, poi spinning, fan flowing… catching on?

Flow Arts Hobby 2021 Electric Hawk
Photo via Electric Forest’s Movement Performer Plug In Program

The awesome part about all of these festival-inspired hobbies is that they can be practiced outside of festivals themselves. If you miss the festival environment like we do, we think you would love to try one out! Flowing is known for helping people connect with the music, center themselves, and ease their minds. Certainly something we could all benefit from! Be sure to check out some tutorial community pages like Hooptuts and DrexFactor Poi!

For those who want to pick up the same hobby in 2021 as their favorite artists, Kendama is for you!

If you follow Subtronics and Boogie T, two of the hottest bass producers in the game, you probably have seen them post about Sweets Kendamas. Honestly, it’s hard to explain what Kendama is, but in short, it’s “the Japanese version of the classic cup-and-ball game.”

Picking up a Kendama easily results in hours of unplugged time, trying to land new tricks, laughter, and just an overall good time! It’s an ideal hobby for 2021 because you can practice at home or take it with you on any outdoor adventure. You’ll be a pro in no time, just like Jesse and Brock! And don’t forget to check out all the awesome Kendama designs you can choose from at

For those looking to take on a hobby that nourishes their mind, yoga is for you!

In the same vein as the other hobbies, yoga is extremely beneficial! If you haven’t already started practicing yoga, now is a great time to begin your journey. Not only will your body thank you, but your mind will, too.

Photo via Lightning in a Bottle – 2019 Yoga & Meditation Lineup

From Lightning in a Bottle to ODESZA’s Sundara Festival to GRiZ’s GRiZMAS Digital Charity Festival Community Yoga Day, yoga is a HUGE part of the festival scene, for good reason. After a long night dancing to your favorite music, it is always so refreshing to wake up and do a yoga class at a festival. The energy and momentum felt through the practice of yoga definitely translates to the rest of the day. This is true whether you are at a festival or not! So, roll out your mat, put on a relaxing playlist or meditation stream (LSDream’s recent LIGHTCODE stream is a personal favorite), and get that body moving this year.

We hope we could inspire you to pick up a new festival-inspired hobby in 2021!

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