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Electric Hawk Radio Episode 4 Cover

Spuntime Creations’ 7th Chakra curates bass frequencies to shake the earth in Episode 4, including some of his favorites and some underground sounds.

Available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Podcasts.

G Dubz – Sweet Earth
Pushloop – Voice
Peekaboo – Step It Up
Seven Chakras – PRFT
6Bkocc – Jeep Music
Sather Bass – Bass Blunted
Flow – Angelic Root
Widdler – Lost in Space Pt 2 (Remix)
Dukes – Hyper Sound
Shlump – Bullet Proof
Primida – Saucey Sauce
Sudden Death – Behemoth
Shangai Doom – Overlook Hotel
Octangle (feat Mt. Analogue)
The Widdler – Martian Ambassador
Mastrmind – Asteroids
G-Rex – Rift
Ludge – Dubadelphia
ONHELL – Rake it Up
Bukez Finetz – Headache-Bukez
Lysn – Gluster
Jansten- Up In Here
EPROM – Humanoid 2.0
Plesiosaurus – PVKIT
Water is life (ID)
Meso – Push It
Milano – Sus Slide
Kaiji – 20/20
Milano – Boardwalk
Patches O’ Malley – You know what I’m Sayin
Peekaboo – Motion (Towers Remix)
The Widdler – Still dream
Shark dance – Cotten (ID)
Hard – (ID)

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