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Although we are dazzled by the official Electric Forest 2022 lineup, we cannot deny that we’re just as excited for late-night renegade sets. The energy inside the festival grounds juices you up, and it’s hard to turn that down when you leave for the night. However, Electric Forest is not a restival, and a few great organizations put in incredible effort to host renegade sets in the campgrounds.

What’s Good Chicago: Lost and Found Bass showcases local and underground talent at their RV

Ever since the birth of acid house in the mid-1980s, Chicago stands as a bastion for celebrating local music and sonic innovation. The crew over at What’s Good Chicago constantly supports rising talent in the community. At this Electric Forest 2022, they’re hosting renegade sets at their RV featuring a whole slew of Chicago-based artists!

electric forest 2022 renegade

Hosting artists before and after festival hours, What’s Good Chicago ensures conflict avoidance with almost all of your favorites performing in the Forest! However, there are more than a few sets you should not miss. MeSo entices thousands of fans with a Meso Soup set alongside PE$O and Qualowkey. Not only that, but up-and-coming underground producer Zentik guarantees an addictive setlist covering a variety of genres. If that wasn’t enough, CLB will satisfy everyone’s insatiable craving for drum and bass. Keep an eye on What’s Good Chicago on Instagram for daily lineups and set times!

And that’s not even all. How do you decide where to go?

In no way is that an exhaustive list of the Electric Forest 2022 renegade stages. Boasting past sets like Subtronics B2B LEVEL UP and Ganja White Night B2B Caspam EVOL Afters promises to put on another afterparty for the books. Also, the first annual Find Carl search party will eviscerate speakers with their heavy-hitting lineup including Notixx and Jason Leech. To top it all off, it seems John Summit plans on cloning himself to play 12+ renegades!

Between the Electric Forest 2022 lineup and all these renegade stages, figuring out how to work it into the daily schedule can feel overwhelming. But, the most important part of this festival is having fun! Go with the flow, and let the music guide you on your adventure; you’ll be exactly where you need to be.

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