NAZAAR Showcases New Sound With ‘HEADSPACE’

NAZAAR gets us in our feels with his hot new track, “Headspace” feat. GLNNA. While the pandemic was not easy on many of us, artists are no different. NAZAAR shows us that through tough times beautiful things can result. This track was a step into a new direction for NAZAAR’s sound. It’s super exciting to see what is next in his musical journey!

“Headspace” (feat. GLNNA) begins sounding like a lullaby. NAZAAR introduces bells that bring us back to twisting the knob on that old music box as a kid. It continues with a dreamlike atmosphere, and violins slowly build up while the leading vocal chops are teased to give us that last bit of tension before the drop. It is certainly a wonderful combination of future bass and melodic dubstep in one song.

If you’ve ever gone through a breakup you will definitely feel the rush of emotions when GLNNA sings…

Heart is racing, head is dizzy, I can’t sleep at night cause I just want you next to me, you’re taking up my headspace.”


This song makes me cry and head bang at the same time, we can’t wait to see whats next in NAZAAR’s new project!

Check out “Headspace” below!

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