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In 2007, deadmau5 founded his first record label, mau5trap; this label has boasted a wildly diverse roster over the past 14 years, including fan favorites. From giants such as Skrillex and Rezz to underground producers including gyrofield and Low Poly, mau5trap employs talented producers from a myriad of genres. Now, deadmau5 unveils his latest endeavor: hau5trap, a brand new label launching on March 1.

hau5trap deadmau5
hau5trap deadmau5 new label

The mau5 is in the hau5: hau5trap will be a platform for house music around the world.

mau5trap undoubtedly sets examples for other labels. The label uplifts prolific producers all across electronic music, with followings of all sizes. Furthermore, mau5trap prioritizes artist discovery by utilizing live artist showcases and remixes; the team supports artists with the we are friends compilation series. While mau5trap is a multi-genre platform, hau5trap aims to be a bastion for house music across the globe. Given that deadmau5 is a globally known house music legend, hau5trap is primed to release great house music. However, the question remains—who will be the first to make a release on the new label?

Cover art for hau5trap 0001: “Hiiigh (ft. Daisy Guttridge)” by Tommy Trash.

With hau5trap, we get to support more things we love specifically in house music. Tommy Trash remixed my ‘Bridged By A Lightwave’ and ‘The Veldt’ tracks, so I’m happy to have him be the first artist to release on hau5trap.


Tommy Trash kicks off the new label with March 4th release, “Hiiigh (ft. Daisy Guttridge).”

Tommy Trash is a well-documented collaborator with mau5trap and a long-time friend to deadmau5. His 2012 Grammy-nominated remix of “The Veldt” by deadmau5 still gets played in his sets to this day. More recently, Tommy Trash remixed “Bridged By a Lightwave” by deadmau5 and Kiesza. His enchanting take on the song was praised by publications and tastemakers alike. “Hiiigh (ft. Daisy Guttridge)” is an impeccable mix of sultry and upbeat. This smooth track, dropping on March 4th, embodies so many elements associated with house music. Indeed, it is the perfect way to lead the hau5trap charge.

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