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Sometimes getting back to basics and your truth is what’s needed most. That is exactly what CRVDOS has done on his latest self-released EP, FRUITION. This chilled-out lo-fi project is full of intention and we are all for it.

Meet Alex Lyle, aka CRVDOS.

Although this may be your first introduction to CRVDOS, also known as Alex, his interest in music is nothing new. He started playing guitar at 12 years old and his love for instruments grew from there. However, when he unfortunately broke his collar bone in 2019, he was forced to take a break from playing. Although, everything happens for a reason right?

Having an already developed passion for electronic music, Alex dove into Abelton and producing in the years following his injury. His raw talent and individualized sound truly shine through on every release! For a taste of CRVDOS’ heavier work, check out his Visionary Labs Exclusive Mix and his recent flip of “Angel Dust” by Mac Miller as a tribute on Mac’s birthday.

CRVDOS takes things back to basics on his FRUITION EP.

The 4-track, angel-numbered EP unifies Alex’s love of guitar and electronic beats. With an overall true lo-fi essence, FRUITION is perfect to throw on while relaxing on a Sunday. But don’t let this fool you—vocal samples, hip-hop influenced bass, and synths trickle throughout to keep you moving on the journey. The energy and time put into this project are evident. CRVDOS took it back to basics and introspectively let his creativity flow.

The name came from the overlooking of my music skills and comparing myself to others’ art, trying to overcompensate with production… ultimately being okay with where I am at in my current state. This [is] a piece of myself and a genuine translation of feeling to sound – I hope this is listened from start to finish, each track has an individual feeling and message.

CRVDOS on FRUITION via the EP Instagram announcement.

This EP gives us excitement for what’s to come from CRVDOS. There may or may not be some reggae and OG dub from him on the horizon, so definitely be on the lookout!

Support CRVDOS and his FRUITION EP below.

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