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The young duo Darby and Ok2222 unleash an emotional rollercoaster track with their newest release “Answers” through KUMO Collective. The duo unveils the complexities that linger in our minds when it comes to escaping our problems. The atmospheric-flowing track fully immerses us into the coldness and gives us a chance to escape the noise for a brief moment.

‘Answers’ is about running away from your problems and falling out of a relationship. It’s just a track filled with some really cold emotions and grit we think listeners can get lost in, really immerse themselves in that atmosphere.

Darby + Ok2222

Darby and Ok2222 help us understand how to find the “Answers”

Immediately, the duo chimes us into the gloomy side of our realities. While we wander through the somber atmosphere, the enclosed emotions from inside slowly extricate out to our surroundings. “Answers” displays the darkness from our connections in front of us and encloses us to face them head-on. Through the soothing synths and chromatic breaks, the fears dissolve gradually under us. “Why are we running from the problems; running from the answers,” is an echoing line that repeats inside our heads as ice along our veins thaws out. This time, we are understanding the hard truth of running away from our issues instead of staying to figure out the answers.

Nevertheless, “Answers” is the euphoric track that brings up those mixed emotions that swirl along your body. The duo showcases that feeling of wandering along with our rooms or driving along the roads, as we try to simply find a single answer to our questions. Whether it be the relationships we have romantically, platonically, or other variables that have our heads spinning, “Answers” finds a way to ease the noise with our mind. Now, the truth never comes easily when searching for the resolutions, but we do have to encounter the hard realities eventually. Darby and Ok2222 give us the chance to settle and stop running away from our problems. Naturally, “Answers” will become the track you linger towards on those late nights, escaping the buzz around us.

Darby ok2222 Answers
Artwork by @6amsunset

No need to look any further, the “Answers” are below!

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