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Whatever your happy place may be, “Focus” on it while listening to this blissful tune by Shingo Nakamura. From dancing with your friends at a music festival to adventuring through snowy mountains, “Focus” is not only a soundtrack for envisioning your soul’s desires, but also a therapeutic listening experience.

Tokyo-based producer and DJ, Shingo Nakamura, creates soundscapes full of stories and emotion. Fusing elements of deep and progressive house with classical piano and lustrous melodies, Shingo’s compositions radiate their uplifting nature. He released his fifth studio album in 2021, subsequently leading him to multiple singles peaking on the SiriusXM Chill playlist and performing on world-renowned radio shows Group Therapy and A State of Trance.

“I wanted to make a song that would give a faint warmth and a positive feeling to people who are troubled or sad. I hope it makes you feel a little more relaxed.” – Shingo Nakamura

Shingo Nakamura Focus

With a trance-inducing beat at the heart of this song, “Focus” harnesses a meditative mood. Shingo locks in the groove with delicate downbeat claps and heavenly vocal samples. Next, the percussive elements begin to slowly fade out at the bridge as we reach the peak of this enlivening listening experience. 

As “Focus” arrives at its finale, synth swells shimmer like sun rays hitting the ocean waves, as all your worries wash away. Unwind your mind and give “Focus” a listen. Be sure to also explore Shingo’s immense and world-renowned musical catalog.

“Focus” is out now on Monstercat Silk. Listen below!

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