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We could use a cliche attention-grabbing line, but that’s not what this is about. “seasons change and so do i” by singer, songwriter, and producer CRAY is out now and it’s more than an EP, it’s the journey of a woman reclaiming her power. Not only is this extremely relevant in such a male-dominated industry, but it’s inspiring to listeners who may be going through a similar situation.

This EP is almost a story of falling out of love with someone and back into love with themselves. It’s angry, sad, hopeful and powerful. My inspiration for this is directly from my experiences and my writing, each song is personal and true to me and the writing process was emotional for me but very therapeutic as well.


Something we’ve come to realize and appreciate is that authenticity will always get you further. Point blank. When you speak and live your truth like CRAY does in this beautiful indie-electronic EP, it instills a certain kind of confidence in you in the sense of, “This is who I am, I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and nobody can take that away of from me.”

The tracklist [pictured above] has dates written below each song title that represent the day she wrote each track. This EP has been a work in progress through blood, sweat, and tears and shows that the road to self-love is not an overnight process, but an everyday commitment.

CRAY is now onto performing the live show for it, including a 100% sold out show in LA last night.

Tour dates below. Tickets available at

10/23 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
10/25 – Voodoo Music + Arts Experience – New Orleans, LA
10/25 – Daybreak Festival – Byars, OK
11/8 – EDC Orlando – Orlando, FL
11/9 – DUSK Music Festival – Tucson, AZ

And if you’re looking for a solid playlist to follow, keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Whether it’s the newest hits from CRAY, your other favorite artists, some old school, or underground—we want you to hear it.

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