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The PNW has been blessed with its first underground EDM festival of the summer, and this lineup? *chef’s kiss* The Bigfoot Campout is going to be pure underground greatness. With artists like Blood Klotz, KURONEKO, Sharlitz Web, and baskets, we knew we were in for a treat. Not to mention, we have Shanghai Doom and Abelation headlining.

The PNW hosts an extremely underrated local scene, and we’re very excited to witness the insanity coming to the Squire Creek campgrounds. The underground shows aren’t enough! Bring on the camping and degeneracy!

Bigfoot Campout lineup

One set we’re particularly looking forward to is Blood Klotz. He has been teasing some juicy diverse tunes lately that I hope to hear at this event along with his never-ending selection of bangers. Also, a little hawk told us that Jayson Essguerra is working on some cool visuals behind the scenes. Who is Jayson Essguerra? Oh, you know, just that guy that does lasers for Deathpact and visuals for GJones! Yeah, that guy! Believe us when we say, we won’t forget this unreal weekend full of unhinged local talent.

The dark, rainy weekends are coming to an end.

There’s nothing more we want than to be out in the Washington sun. We want to be surrounded by towering evergreens, loud music, and care-free energy.

The event takes place June 30th through July 2nd of this year. After many requests, the event founder Connor James decided to add an additional day instead of doing the pre-party. The 3rd day will be strictly locals and have open decks! This is a wonderful opportunity for newer DJs’ to show their skill and get live practice in; and that my fellow wooks—is what makes our local scene special. The sharing of resources and peer encouragement is crucial in the scene and seeing everyone come together and thrive through art is beautiful. All we have is each other. As a community, it’s imperative that we work together through each others endeavors. Events like Bigfoot Campout are what keeps us driven.

There’s something blissful about passing one around and sipping on Rainiers in the campgrounds, all whilst taking turns being soundboi selectas on a shitty Bluetooth speaker. Our time is coming; the Squatches are out to party, and so are we!

With less than 60 days until the fest, tickets are limited. You’re not going to want to miss out on this festival. Get your tickets to Bigfoot Campout here!

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