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Just recently BANkaJI hit 5,000 followers on Soundcloud, and it’s only right to celebrate with some new music. His latest track, “Meep” just dropped, and reminded all his Soundcloud followers why they followed him in the first place.

Even though it’s BANkaJI we’re celebrating, he’s the one giving gifts

“Meep” took less than two minutes to scramble our brains completely. This track perfectly marries its melodic foundation with an array of deep freeform dubs. From front to back, “Meep” is filled with thrashing low ends and countless layers of additional cuts and chops that keep the sound unfamiliar and fresh to the very end. BANkaJI is no stranger to producing some of the hottest beats this side of the underground, and “Meep” fits the standard.

I’ve felt reluctant to release this tune over the past two years. This song is heavily special to me. It was made during a personally difficult time and the start of the pandemic.
I wanted to make a melodic track that flowed with dark bass elements. The vision was to create a song that reflected the emotions I experienced during these rough times.
Since I’ve been holding onto the track, only playing it at live shows, I’m excited to finally release “Meep” to the public.

BANkaJI on “Meep”

Check out “Meep” below and tell BANkaJI congrats on 5k!

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