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Finland-based Axel Thesleff has had a massive year, from supporting incredible acts such as Clozee and Beats Antique, and performing at wonderful festivals like Lightning In A Bottle, Envision, and One Vibration.

We’re beyond delighted to see Axel Thesleff debut his newest single, ‘Unity’, a transcendent track with a surreal atmosphere that washes over you.

Axel Thesleff

I’d like to take a little moment and try to explain to you how I’d wish my music to be received. I wish that you have a personal relationship with the music I make. It’s not about what I felt when I made it, it’s about what you’re feeling when you listen to it. I don’t necessarily want you to associate my music with me and how you perceive me, instead I’d love to have you associate my music with all the personal experiences, memories, feelings, thoughts and dreams you get while listening to it. Maybe it can be a tool for you to process some emotions, relax, and just think things through.

‘Unity’ begins with the feint melody of plucks ascending with a warm rising synth pads that floats freely with it in harmony, eventually introducing the blissful synths and cinematic drums that coincide with the uplifting brassy lead synths accompanied by Carnatic vocals from South Indian influence which ensues you in serenity and carries you and your imagination off into a dream-like soundscape.

Listen to Unity below.

Axel Thesleff

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