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Delve into the world of TRIGO in his new track “Shadow Walker“. “Shadow Walker” tells the tale of TRIGO,  landing on a planet during a festival to celebrate their old god, Shadow Walker. The track perfectly sets the scene for this introduction into the producer’s world. Eerie flutes and transcendent vocals keep us afloat as an observer, or else we would drift away into the soundscape.

The perfect blend of deep bass and wave, “Shadow Walker” is just the beginning of a long journey for TRIGO. Much like his previous EP release with Electric Hawk entitled Stellar, this track ebbs and flows through a multitude of sounds and emotions.  Expansive undertones pair with heavy and teetering bass for a contrasting yet complementary soundscape that paints TRIGO’s world. Bass punches within the drop shake us from our dream state, drawing us deeper into the ancient and tantalizing world of the “Shadow Walker”.

The Shadow Walker is an old god. Worshiped by an unnerving race of humanoids bound to their planet through self destruction. I descended upon their planet during the 1,000 year Festival of Shadows, only to find their motives be sinister in nature.

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, TRIGO has created massive momentum for himself in the underground bass/wave music scene. Molding a unique sound from influences in dubstep, trance, drum & bass, TRIGO has created a new experience that takes any listener on an emotional and thought-provoking journey all while making them dance at the same time. 

Listen to “Shadow Walker” by TRIGO here:

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