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Persian trap music pioneer, ASADI, returns with a mesmerizing track entitled “Forever Chasing the Sun.” We have the pleasure of bringing you an exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of the stunning music video!

ASADI is known for his personalized production approach.

“Forever Chasing the Sun” is full of diversity, passion, and intoxicating beats. On this one, ASADI teams up with the wildly talented keyboardist, Brockett Parsons—who works with Lady Gaga! Together, ASADI and Parsons create a dynamic track. “Forever Chasing the Sun” opens with hypnotizing piano progression. Then, ASADI drops in with his drum pad, dialing in the track’s mood. He continues the soundscape with striking bass and choppy, ritualistic vocals. You can listen, here!

ASADI Forever Chasing the Sun music video
ASADI’s drum pad and Parsons’ keys.

Now, imagine all of that, but in music video form.

The “Forever Chasing the Sun” music video perfectly encapsulates the track. ASADI and Parsons are shown performing their respective drum pad and keys live, on the beach! The sun sets in the distance as the two effortlessly make the track come to life. As a result, the dimly-lit setting pulls viewers into the moody vibe that “Forever Chasing the Sun” gives off. And, there are even some unique visual effects trickling throughout. Certainly, this is a music video you will NOT want to miss. We cannot get enough!

Catch our exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of ASADI’s “Forever Chasing the Sun” music video, below!

ASADI “Forever Chasing the Sun” Music Video

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