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Originally from Ridgewood, NJ, Joseph Brown attended Ohio State University where he developed strong connections within the Columbus bass music community. At this time, Joe began to entertain the scene with edits and mixes under JBRWN. But now, his new project Ampathic brings all original beats to the forefront of his music career.

Joe told us more about what the Ampathic project is about:

Am•path•ic is explained as showing the ability to understand and share the feelings of another through sound.

Joseph Brown, Ampathic

His first release, “Unweathered,” takes you on a 30 minute journey of the mind. The six track EP begins with the title track, pulling you into a dream world and leading you into the dark and mysterious Empty Party. First Intermission is a beautiful contrast and a personal favorite on the album. Finally, Eau Claire sports intricate lyrics and a dreamy melodic overlay. While moving through the EP, you’ll experience twists, turns, and an impressive diversity of sound.

Ampathic Unweathered Album Art

It’s supposed to be a super confusing and out of nowhere experience, where things get thrown in and you just play along and are just there for the ride.

Joseph Brown, Ampathic

Hold on tight – it’s definitely a wild ride. Along the way, you’ll get wonky wubs, heavy downtempo, drum and bass, hip hop influences, and much, much more.

Joe and his team hosted a successful preparty for 360 in Louisville on December 31. All of the proceeds were donated to the Be Interactive campaign. Joe says this will happen again in the future and always 100% for charity. 

Check out Unweathered and more from JBRWN and Ampathic here:

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