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Promising newcomer Nu Strut is taking the music scene by storm with his groovy take on dance music, and “BUSSIT” is no exception. This infectious, eclectic track is out now on Electric Hawk Records.

Nu Strut (Instagram)

Dallas native Brent Pinero, better known as Nu Strut, has had a long and diverse love affair with music. He has performed in multiple bands, including his own blues trio, and has also always held a deep love for funk and hip-hop influences. Branching out from his roots, Pinero dove into the world of electronic music in 2016 and never looked back. The Nu Strut project reads like a love letter to all the music that has touched his heart while introducing the listener to a groovy new world where there are no rules. If Nu Strut isn’t already on your radar, it’s time to change that.

Blending 70’s dance-floor vibes with modern-day electronic dance, Nu Strut’s approach to music is one of a kind. Flexing his ability to modernize some of music’s most classic sounds, “BUSSIT” brings late-night disco realness to the 21st century. With sassy horns, groovy percussion, and commanding vocal samples, there is simply no way to sit still when this track comes on. “BUSSIT” is the third and final single off of Nu Strut’s forthcoming album Cognac & Cigars, due for release on August 26th. We cannot wait to see what else this rising star has in store for the music world.

Now go ahead and “BUSSIT” on the dance-floor (or your living room floor) with Nu Strut.

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