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Time to explore the inner depths of ourselves and spirituality with Zingara on her first E,P Mind & Body. Released on Tuesday, March 14th through Gravitas Recordings, the radiant talent Zingara continues to expand her vision and takes it above all expectations. Her love of spirituality and witchcraft inspired Mind & Body, and Zingara seamlessly makes waves from start to finish; we hope you are in for a transcendental journey ahead of you.

Zingara Mind & Body Artwork

It is a place in your mind that you can achieve through meditation where there is nothing. Like a blank slate. When you get to this peaceful place in your mind, it is almost like a reset.

– Zingara
Photo Credit: Natalia Martinez

Ready to enrich your life with the Mind & Body

At the beginning of her EP, Zingara reminds you to allow yourself to release the self-set limitations in “Mind & Body.” Now, fully relinquishing all limitations, Zingara guides us through the mystical abyss, only advising us to go deeper into the realm. Slowly, she pushes us towards relaxation until our current world is shattered through the bursting bass. Zingara immerses us into the wormhole and fully puts us under her spell.

Immediately after, we are welcomed with the mystic and eerie vocals from Holly Harper in “Spell on You,” mesmerizing us in the cosmic atmosphere. As we dance, our bodies loosen and are entirely under the control of Zingara. We feel the intensity and vibrating sensation from the grimy bass. Soon enough, the chills creep along our spine as we sway along, and the haunting words “I put a spell on you” echo in our minds. Once the track comes to a close, a portal opens for us to adventure and dive into the next dimension of our spirit.

Dwell into the depths of your inner spirit

Despite what you may think, we truly haven’t gone to see how much “Deeper” we can get in our own spirituality. Now, we take a darker path into the cosmos with Zingara. When it comes to “Deeper,” stillness is the ultimate power, as the track gives us a chance to be still and focus on the vibrations of the energy surrounding us. The impactful and wobbling bass asks us for “deep relaxation with our body” to fully embrace the sonic blasts that will encompass us. While Zingara captivates us, she slowly escorts us to the final step of our journey.

To conclude Mind & Body, we are transported to the dreamy and whimsical soundscapes of “Magick is Real.” Zingara exposes the versatility of her talents. Now shifting the tempo and energy, the track awakens the inner brightened and kindred spirits. The vast fluttering melodies and punching bass create this everlasting celestial aura. Zingara reminds us of the endless possibilities that surround us, and that is true magic the universe has to show. Naturally, all we needed is for our spirits to be awakened, and Zingara wakes them. She delivers this final track to leave us with as we return to reality.

Zingara has put all of us under her spell

Mind & Body is a divine experience overall, bringing us more in touch with our own spirituality. Zingara showcases the vast variety in her storytelling through each track. From the darkness to the light, there is no boundaries to what the universe has to offer. There are infinite possibilities for us to experience, and Zingara reminds us of that. Surely, this is an EP you will listen to through your next spiritual journey. And through the proper guidance from Zingara, we truly will find the answers and epiphanies we are searching for. We just have to find the connection between the Mind & Body.

Nonetheless, Zingara continues to fly through all dimensions wherever she goes. Starting off the year, Zingara is touring along with Subdocta for his Strictly No Business tour as well as gaining a huge milestone of being support for Subtronics’ Cyclops Rocks in the spring. Also, she heads to Forbidden Kingdom in the summer for festival performances. Earlier this year, Zingara released her viral single “Astra” which produced some traction within the bass community, particularly from LSDream himself. The continuous praise from the bass scene uplifts this rising force. Surely, the name Zingara will become a household name that you don’t want to miss out on. Mind & Body is the never-ending beginning of where Zingara is going for the remainder of the year. We are happy to have fallen under the Zingara spell and hope you are too!

Photo Credit: Alyssa Schwalm

Feel the spiritual awakening with Zingara and Mind & Body below!

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